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A special message from Tom Taylor, Arizona State Director.

As many of you know, I served as Assistant State Director of MUFON-AZ from November of 1991 until December of 1994 and then became your State Director and have served as such until the present time. I have now decided it's time for me to step down as of this month, and I am making the following appointments:

Assistant State Director Alan Morey will be your new State Director. Bill Morris will fill two positions, one as Section Director for Pima County and also as Assistant State Director. Jim Ossipov, who has served so ably as Maricopa County Section Director since 1992, has also stepped down, and his replacement will be Jim Kelly. As you know, Jim Ossipov has compiled "Arizona Sightings" over many years and will continue to update his compilation. He has received a number of new reports at the Christown UFO Awareness Week exhibit this year.

I thank all of you for your support of MUFON-AZ and of me these past years. I trust you will be as supportive of the people whom I have appointed to carry on and lead our MUFON chapter.

Always remember to keep your eyes to the sky! Tom Taylor

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