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Page Updated
January 99

In the interest of keeping the UFO topic before the public, the following is a list of Magazine Articles on the subject that were either recommended, or have been submitted to be listed. As a curtisy, the briefs shown were provided for me to use.

I have listed as much information that i have received from whatever sources were avaible, this information cannot be gaurenteed.

Magazine Articles

  • Title: It's all a conspiracy and it's invisible.
    Author: Robert Sheaffer.
    Magazine: Skeptical Inquirer Spring 1994, v18n3, p. 250-253
  • Title: The complete book of extraterrestrial encounters: the ideas of Carl Sagan, Erich vo D niken, Billy Graham, Carl Jung, John C. Lilly, John G. Fuller, and many others.
    Author: Randall Fitzgerald
    Publication: New York : Collier magazines, c1979

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